Window Tint Hack kit


The ultimate kit for beginners!

everything needed to start Making Money

Built in collaboration with Window Tint Hack

kit includes:

-Spray bottle 

-White scrub pads 2 PCS

-Microfiber towel 1 PC

-EZ reach Platinum 

- 8” Aluminum Circle Template 30 & 60 Degree

-Gold card 

-Heavy Duty Pouch

-Utility Knife 

-Handle with a squeegee

-Don't roll down stickers 10 pcs 



-Scraper blades 10pcs 

-felt squeegee 

-1850w Heatgun 

-Glass Aid Roll

- 3 1/2 Yellow Turbo Squeegee Angled

- 40”x25’ 5% infinity IR Film