Tint Roll Display - Window Film Display

Tint Roll Display - Window Film Display


Created by a Tinter for Tinters;

Tint Rack is the best solution to stored and display Window Film Rolls, Tint Rack was created to solve the problem of many Tinters and Tint Shop Owners that struggle every day managing the rolls while tinting, Tint Rack was the answer for the need of a durable, resistant, versatile, strong tool that can be used effectively to stored and display Window Tint, making Tinters job easier, faster, and preventing the Damage of product and saving time on a job.

Made of durable metal with an exceptional design TINT RACK is guarantee to exceed Tinters expectations helping them stay organized, save time and money on the long run. 

you can order TINT RACK to stored and display WINDOW TINT ROLLS at www.premiumgard.com

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