Display for Window Film Rolls - Tint Rack

Display for Window Film Rolls - Tint Rack

How to Store Window Film with Tint Rack by Premium Gard Window Films.

There’s always a discussion open about how to Store and Display Window Film, is very common in group chats and Facebook groups to come across this debates.

Window Tinters sharing DIY’s ideas using different materials, building Standing Tint Racks, Wall Mount Tint Racks, made out of wood some made out of metal, very creative solutions but non of them seem to hold up the weight, they don’t last long, and they are not very functional or practical for everyday use or properly Storage of Window Tint Rolls.

For Professional Tinters and Window Tint Shop Owner

It has been a headache for years, if Window Film is not properly stored gets ruined-damaged, it cost Tint Shops hundreds or thousands of dollars every year, not only on material, but in time waisted on every day jobs.

Finally, the solution is here and available to everyone, design by Tinters for Tinters.

Tint Rack a Wall Mount Window Film Storage-Display. The product that answers all Tinters and Window Tint Shops questions.

Tint Rack is made out of Industrial Heavy Duty Aluminum that will last forever, specially design to hold heavy Window Film Rolls and to make Window Tinters job easier.

Tint Rack is Wall Mount and easy to install, the perfect display and space saver for tight spaces and busy shops.

Tint Rack makes the Storage of Window Tint Rolls easy and practical, is the product that all Window Tinters and Tint Shops been waiting for.

TintRack is Design by Tinters for Tinters.

Available Online at; www.premiumgard.com


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