2Mil Security Film Clear

SKU 2mil

Safety window film, anti smash and grab film, anti-scatter film, glass protection film, clear safety film, transparent glass film

Safety window film 2MIL is a clear polyester film with a 2MIL thickness 50Microns, and visible light transmission at 85%. The high transparency of polyester not only gives it a crystal-clear feature but is also suitable for protecting glass surfaces from impacts

The perfect solution to personal car/household security upgrades, additional protection against burglars, thieves, and robbers. Intruders will spend more time break-in. Safety film can hold the glass fragments together, reducing potential injury from natural disasters such as strong wind or shockwaves.

If impacted with enough force, the glass will crack but not create damage since it is fixed by the safety film. This is the best way to protect your valuables from smash and grab incidents, and add extra protection to your glass against projectiles by applying safety window film.