3M Finish Line Knifeless Tape


Knifeless Finish Line Tape

  • Use Knifeless Finish Line Tape for most wrap applications.  It's conformable which make it perfect around bumpers, door handles, mirrors, and is stronger than Design Line due to its braided construction
  • The only patented system to virtually eliminate using a knife during wrapping and practically eliminates the possibility of cutting into a vehicle's paint
  • Trimming is one of the most important parts of a wrap, but with traditional methods, it's done at the end of the job when installers may be tired and more prone to making mistakes.
  • Using Knifeless Tape you can reposition the cut line. If you're using the knife, one bad cut can ruin a panel, forcing you to reprint or take significant time to salvage the panel. This costs you time and money.
  • Knifeless Tape is faster and easier than traditional trimming. On average it takes an installer one vehicle wrap to feel comfortable using the Knifeless Tape method. Many installers report using the Knifeless Tape method saves a significant amount of time.
  • Translucent tape so you can see exactly where your line is and adjust as needed
  • Absolutely no residue
  • Finish Line is heavier/stronger than Design Line due to its braided construction
  • Not designed for window tint or paint protection film