Spraymaster 32oz bottle

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SprayMaster Ultimate Spray Bottle

Hi-tech components make this the only sprayer that stands up to most solvents and acids. Chemicals that destroy ordinary sprayers do not harm the SprayMaster. 

The powerful sprayer dispenses more than 2.5 times as much liquid per stroke as standard sprayers. Saves time and effort. The nozzle adjusts to a mist, spray, powerful stream, and anything in between.

Features & Benefits

  • An extra long trigger is easier to squeeze
  • Opaque silver bottle protects light-sensitive chemicals
  • A narrow clear window stripe helps use the graduation and dilution scales
  • The wide base makes it tip-resistant
  • Write in section permits identification of the bottle contents
  • Heavyweight bottle resists chemicals and denting.
  • Holds a full quart (32 oz.) of liquid